Plugin Hunt Theme – v6.5.6


Today is an absolutely huge update to the Plugin Hunt Theme. What’s changed since version 6.5.5? This post highlights the changes and also how we’ve changed the demo site to better display the features. Discussions. Open for All. The discussions area of the theme is really cool. However in earlier versions it was locked down unless

Posted March 3, 2017

Plugin Hunt Theme: v6.2 Improved header. Notifications Ready.


Christmas is approaching. With Christmas around the corner it’s time to get the last plugin hunt theme of the year rolled out. It’s yet another cracking update. Improved Navigation Header The theme has always tried to utilise the header bar. However with the introduction of the Notifications Add on, this header bar was getting more

Posted December 23, 2016

Plugin Hunt Theme: v6.1 Mobile Media, Videos, Password Protection and More


We are back. Back with yet another feature packed plugin hunt theme update. This update brings with it some commonly requested features as well as bug fixes and improvements. Mobile Media Viewing The media viewer for submitted images with your content has been hidden on mobiles. Until now. This was to prevent any layout issues

Posted December 14, 2016

Plugin Hunt Theme: 10 Niche Website Ideas


The Plugin Hunt Theme is a great theme for using on Niche website ideas. The post explores 10 Niche website areas where you can use the Plugin Hunt theme and benefit from the post voting and daily grouping of content.

Posted August 12, 2016

Tricks to engage more with your audience


By now I hope you have your website set up and have got some good traffic coming in from the methods I touched on in the last post. In case you’ve forgotten, you can read the tips on how to increase your traffic. Done? OK. Carry on 🙂 Today I want to touch on some of

Posted August 10, 2016

How to increase your traffic with the plugin hunt theme


I wrote in this blog post about getting users for your site, but you can only get users with traffic right? There’s no point having all these great user list growth strategies if no one is coming to your website to subscribe, comment or add new content. So, what do we do? What can you

Posted May 31, 2016

How to grow your user list with the Plugin Hunt Theme


While my user base is modest at best (just short of 1,000 users at the time of writing) the time I’ve spent building these has been relatively low. So, what did I do and how can you do similar? 1. Choose a niche and don’t try and be the ‘next Product Hunt’ I picked a

Posted May 5, 2016

How to get started with the Plugin Hunt Theme


There’s some things which are critical to running your own product hunt style website which I’ve listed below: WordPress installed on your domain (obvious, but you’d be surprised how many think this isn’t a WordPress theme product)… Your theme license key ( and the theme download ( which you download from your account. Some time

Posted May 1, 2016

Plugin Hunt Version 3.9 – API


Plugin Hunt v3.9+ comes packaged with an API key system. Building this into the theme allows us to continue to develop great new features as well as allow you to choose which licence you need for your use (personal, plus, professional or ultimate). The API key pricing is available here. Epic Integrations The Professional and

Posted December 1, 2015