How to get started with the Plugin Hunt Theme


There’s some things which are critical to running your own product hunt style website which I’ve listed below:

  1. WordPress installed on your domain (obvious, but you’d be surprised how many think this isn’t a WordPress theme product)…
  2. Your theme license key ( and the theme download ( which you download from your account.
  3. Some time to get the initial content setup (don’t worry, it’s a breeze)
  4. Some time to keep fresh content on your site (but see the email in week 4 on tricks to engage)

That’s it. That’s all you need. But what about the cost? Well to break it down you can run a decent sized website on a shared host so the costs of ‘starting up’ are:-

  • Hosting (starting from $4 for shared hosting) we personally like bluehost.
  • Your domain and a catchy domain name (p.s. try this link), usually around $15 per year.
  • A license to use the plugin hunt theme (and files) starting from $79 here.

So, if you’re running the theme on a shared host, on a single domain license (including domain costs), then you’re looking at your website setup and running for under $100. That’s pretty epic. Imagine the cost of a freelancer to get you a solution as powerful as this setup.

$100 startup, and with the right type of content and attention you can get your site up the rankings and easily making that back in affiliate income, or advert placements once your traffic grows (we touch on this in the next email). But, the above is enough to get started, take time getting it setup and configured as you like it and then take a look at ways to boost your user sign ups.


You can purchase the theme here if you’ve not already done so.