How to grow your user list with the Plugin Hunt Theme


While my user base is modest at best (just short of 1,000 users at the time of writing) the time I’ve spent building these has been relatively low.

So, what did I do and how can you do similar?

1. Choose a niche and don’t try and be the ‘next Product Hunt’

I picked a niche area (WordPress Plugins) to use the theme to ‘hunt’. This means that I target specific individuals who like WordPress plugins. That way I’m not competing for traffic with the likes of Product Hunt who have a much bigger team behind it

2. Login to vote

On the back of the niche area, growing users needs a simple sign up (included in the theme) as well as reasons for them to sign up (just like the one shown below). Login to vote in the sidebar is a cool way to get sign ups quicker.

that’s cool isn’t it. The theme makes you login to do pretty much anything on the site. If you try and vote without being logged a popup shows to ask them to log in. An not forgetting logging in is a breeze.

3. Use a newsletter to bring people back to your site

This has been a good way for us to bring people to the site. The theme comes integrated with the Mailchimp API.

you can view the documentation on how to set that up here. We then setup an RSS email to email out from the feed of the website (you can view ours here). We also use that feed to post to our twitter feed. Which really boosts engagement.

4. Twitterfeed

This is a nice little tactic we also use, we hook up our website feed to twitter feed which automatically posts new content out as tweets with links back to the website to capture more visits from twitter as the source.

You can even setup Facebook posts to your Page’s wall too – check out twitterfeed here.

5. Automation, Automation, Automation

One thing you may consider is automatically growing your content via API. Our professional and plus packages come with built in APIs for Envato and YouTube

Hopefully this will help you well on your way to boosting your traffic which I’ll cover in more detail in next week’s email.