How to increase your traffic with the plugin hunt theme


I wrote in this blog post about getting users for your site, but you can only get users with traffic right? There’s no point having all these great user list growth strategies if no one is coming to your website to subscribe, comment or add new content.

So, what do we do? What can you do? Keep reading

1. Keep Adding Content

Urgh, obvious I know. Sorry. This one takes a bit of work (unless you’re using our epic integrations plugin and hooking into Envato), you need to add content regularly. It’s like having a shop. If you have the floorspace but only a couple of items on the shelves, people will walk in, see there’s nothing there and leave, without signing up, without thinking oh this is cool, I’ll come back. There’s no magic pill here. Commit to clean, consistent content here and you’ll start being indexed by Google (all the pages have SEO benefits), you can do that by typing the following into Google Seach: ‘‘ (changing the URL to yours) to see how the pages are getting indexed as you add new content.

2. Fake it till you make it…

This is something which could help you if you’re seeing low sign ups to your site. Along with adding content. Add some interesting comments from various users which you control. Perhaps also add content from a number of different accounts rather than just one account. This gives the impression of more than one voice.

You do this under the edit post page, reveal ‘screen options’ at the top and tick Author.

Then you can edit the author.

ProTip: See the ‘Custom Fields’ checkbox? This reveals all the vote scores. You may even want to manually tweak this number to more than 0. However the ‘upvotes’ section is real user upvotes and you’ll see yourself with 10 upvotes but no one showing in the upvotes section. Even better would be to upvote using other accounts in your control (at least until you get off the ground).

3. Facebook or Twitter Adverts for your niche

You might have seen that I wrote a post on ’10 niche website ideas for the theme’ (you can see the post here).

If you’ve not got the PDF you can download it here. Setting up and running Facebook targetting or twitter targetting for your website will help get people through the door.

Facebook is great here. It let’s you target your audience to the point. Start off small here though if you decide to go this way. See how many sign ups $30 gives you and whether you start seeing an uptick generally.

I would make sure you get the natural SEO type content up and running regularly first before looking at adverts. Once you’ve got this nailed though, you can dramatically increase your traffic (but it does come at a cost). There’s ways to monetise your traffic, but more on that later.

4. Email Campaigns.

Once people are in, do what you can to convert them to email sign ups. Using a simple RSS feed sent weekly you can bring visitors back to your website and this kicks off all the great sharing, commenting that a community brings with it.