Plugin Hunt Theme: 10 Niche Website Ideas


The Plugin Hunt Theme is a great theme for using on Niche website ideas. This post explores 10 Niche website areas where you can use the Plugin Hunt theme and benefit from the post voting and daily grouping of content.

1. Feature Request Websites


Why Feature Request Websites?

  1. People can upvote and comment on proposed features
  2. You can control which features requests to publish
  3. You can categories the feature requests by product
  4. Or you can categorise the requests by topic (dashboard, login flow, etc)

Feature Requests

If you offer a service or a product, it is likely that this product will get users requesting new features.

How do you know which feature is worth spending the time developing additional functionality into your website for? Let your users decide and allow them to upvote and comment on the proposed feature list.

With featured image and media support each feature request can be richly specced out using the descriptions and media elements of the theme.

The feature requests can also be tagged, for example:-

  • On the Roadmap
  • Coming in next release
  • Rejected list (unless votes exceed ‘x’)

As well as different categories for the type of feature request / or product that the feature is being requested for.

Transparent development and gives you an easy to understand list of which feature is the most popular amongst your users and worth moving up the priority list.

2. Top YouTube Videos Website


Why YouTube

  1. YouTube is great for new content all the time
  2. The Plugin Hunt Theme supports direct links to YouTube in the ‘Submit New’ form
  3. Content is easy to find on YouTube to harvest into your website
  4. You can even use the “Epic Integrations” plugin to quickly add new YouTube content to your website

YouTube is simply great

If you don’t have video content on your website then you’re missing out on a great way to engage your visitors.

Heck, if you created a website that displayed all the best ‘Fail Army’ type videos, you could easily drive good traffic and user engagement on the videos on your website.

This ‘Niche’ can be sub-divided into an infinite number of additional niche website ideas. Some that spring to mind right off the bat are

  • “FailArmy” videos – harvest all videos published by popular ‘funny video’ channels and see which your visitors deem the funniest
  • “UFC knock outs” – see which knock out people find the best and add new knock outs all the time.
  • “Music Videos” – add videos from a particular genre and see which rises to the top as people up vote and comment (this can be niche’d down even further into ‘best hip hop’, ‘best dance’ either through categories or through a brand new niche website.

The options are endless in this wide ranging niche idea. If you were wondering what you could use the theme for. Well here’s MANY MANY reasons.

3. Best Products for ‘X’


Why Best Products for ‘X’

  1. Product Hunt is all products, however there’s some product which have a large number of sub products for them
  2. Tap into this power by going niche into this market and creating a site devoted to particular products
  3. Extend this by categories or tags to drill down into your Niche even further.

Best Products for ‘X’

Well, this idea is clearly another idea which could be sub-divided again into many sub niche ideas.

Product Hunt is successful but it doesn’t have to be just product hunt that’s up there.

How about compiling a website which covers all the best themes for WordPress or all the best Apps for the Apple iPhone.

Heck, you could even use it as a upvote and review site for Laptops, PC computers or even something like football boots or trainers. Still stuck for ideas how about?

  • Best apps for Sketch
  • Best repositories on GitHub

Niching down to this level gives your site the chance to rise up the Google Ranking as each product posted has it’s own URL with specific keywords.

Clearly tons and tons of uses here for the Theme. Give it a whirl on a sub-niche of a product hunt niche, or think up your very own.

4. Best Graphic River Items


Why Graphic River

  1. Envato MarketPlace has a lot of sub markets why not tap into a smaller sub market like Graphic River?
  2. Just like or you can run your own niche site from the data Envato make available
  3. Using the ‘Epic Integrations’ plugin you can set and forget the content creation for your site

Envato Marketplace

The envato market place is a great marketplace of digital products. You can setup a niche website running from the data on their marketplace and use their affiliate system to send visitors from your site to theirs and earn a commission from any sales.

Sounds good? But plugins and themes are already covered well, even on the website. Why should you create your own niche in this area?

  • Envato pay 30% for any affiliate sale – so a high commission
  • Pluginhunt hunts ALL plugins but you could Niche this down further into WooCommerce Plugins
  • You can combine Envato with other sources (like woothemes)
  • OR, you could setup a site which hunts the  best new plugins and themes that are available for free from

Anything like this which links into affiliate earnings is an amazing way to use the theme. Content added has great SEO and you can drive traffic to the products hosted without looking too much like a ‘review’ website.

5. Best University / College ‘X’


Why Best University “X”?

  1. A completely different Niche concept to work from
  2. Prime for adding student related advertisements to your site
  3. Easy to acquire new subscribers to your website
  4. Just so cool 🙂 and extendible.

Students, Students, Students

This is a great niche to target. You can hit a demographic of individuals who have free time on their hands and may be more likely to share and discuss your content since they are used to social networking.

Why not setup the Theme to list some things like the following

  • Best Courses for Math Geeks
  • Best Bars at University / College Campus X
  • Best Parties coming up this week

Just keep going, students will want to promote their own university or interests. 

Student Profiles, Student comments all amazing and easy to use and familiar social network sharing is included in the theme. Winner!

Niching to a University is exactly how Facebook got started and then expanded… 

6. Best Hotels in ‘X’


Why a hotel Site

  1. Everyone loves a holiday or a business trip
  2. When looking where to book I want to see some social proof (comments or reviews)
  3. Hotels are springing up all the time. Keep the content fresh by adding new hotels (or even hotel deals daily)

Best Hotels..  for you.

Well, if this doesn’t exist already using the theme then for sure pick up a copy of the theme and start putting this together.

Even if it does exist (from looking around, it doesn’t) then you can niche into a particular location (country or city) and still create a website with a ton of great and useful content.

Using the Theme’s categorisation and tagging you can create a website which shows

  • Best hotels in Country X, Country Y, Country Z
  • Best golfing hotels
  • Best hotels that have a SPA facility
  • Best hotels with free WiFi

I for one have had many problems finding a good source of best hotels which do [x] and would be really cool to see a website which lets me find a hotel relevant to my purpose.

7. Daily Deals


What is daily deals?

  1. Find and display Coupons on your website
  2. Use the ‘GET IT’ button to take visitors to where they can get the discount coupon
  3. Earn affiliate income on the back of people using the Coupon they found on your website

Daily Deals Niche Website

This is a simple concept to delve into but also a concept which can be created in a number of different niche areas.

Ever wanted to find the best discounts for a particular product? You may have found a coupon, but is it the best coupon available or could you get better?

Give people this type of resource by setting up a daily deals website using the theme.

  • Top discounts for website hosting
  • Top discounts for food products
  • Top discounts available today only

The list could go on. The combination of the theme’s GET IT NOW button with product listings which drive people to click through to get the coupon now is a great way to promote products using the Plugin Hunt Theme.

8. Foooood


Why a Foodie Website

  1. There’s always a restaurant just waiting to be hunted
  2. People love to comment and share when they’ve had a good (or bad) meal
  3. Everyone, just everyone loves food.

Foodie Website

The Plugin Hunt Theme is feature packed with media capabilities. Create a website which offers restaurant reviews including photos and maybe videos of the menu and food on offer.

This is an amazing concept for the theme. Imagine a website whose sole purpose is to hunt down the best burger.

The setup of this type of Niche website would

  • Allow visitors to submit a Burger venue to you
  • Have a community of burger lovers who will comments on photos, videos and new posts about burgers
  • This can even be niched down to ‘Burgers in New York City’ or ‘Burgers in Amsterdam’

Burgers, everyone loves them. Create now if it doesn’t already exist and I’ll personally tweet out a link when you have 100 verified burger posts 🙂

But, burgers ins’t the only niche you can explore here. Top Restaurants in Amsterdam could be another niche. Categorised by country, city or restaurant type (french, mexican, indian)

9. Best Cities to work in remotely


Why Best cities to work in remotely

  1. I love this type of idea. Rather than the location with the best beach, or the best nightlife run a website with a different angle
  2. Plenty of detail available here for niching even deeper into this type of website area.

Best Cities to [work in remotely]

Choosing Best Cities to work in remotely as the example has been inspired by a great idea and this idea can be constructed using the Plugin Hunt Theme.

You can take it a few steps further or a few steps more refined by create a niche website which explores the following

  • Cities with the best WiFi
  • Cities with the best Shared Working arrangements
  • Cities that have the lowest living expenses
  • Cities with the best nightlife

This is great and already well covered by but you can certainly sub-divide this niche further and craft your own City List type website.

There’s plenty of options in this type of setup to place targetted adverts and monetize the site.

10. Best ‘Hunt’ Websites


Let someone Else Do the actual hunting

  1. Product Hunt has lead the way for Niche websites to target cool products
  2. There’s a growing collection of “Hunt” websites out there
  3. Why not create a directory of all these hunt website in a familiar hunt style layout?

This is where we leave you to explore..

You can create as many ideas for websites and setup and run about a million different niche websites from these 10 Niche Website ideas.

Even if this doesn’t give you the inspiration you could even start populating a ‘best of the best’ type website.

This is just a cool thing to do and could be monetized in many ways (such as a featured product or a sidebar promotion).


So, how do you go about setting up your own website in a particular niche? You can get up and running by

  1. Having web-hosting to host your site
  2. Having a domain in mind for your niche site
  3. Purchase a license for the Plugin Hunt Theme here.
  4. Have some time to get content added to the website.