Plugin Hunt Theme: v6.1 Mobile Media, Videos, Password Protection and More


We are back. Back with yet another feature packed plugin hunt theme update. This update brings with it some commonly requested features as well as bug fixes and improvements.

Mobile Media Viewing

The media viewer for submitted images with your content has been hidden on mobiles. Until now. This was to prevent any layout issues since the media viewer was intended for desktop only. It’s now also available on mobiles. You can see this in the screengrabs below.


Mobile Template ON/OFF

The mobile responsiveness of the theme has been improved in v6.1 as well as bringing an option to turn ON the mobile specific templates. The mobile templates are great if you want out of the box functionality. However they’re harder for you to customise. So we’ve introduced the option to turn them ON (OFF by default)

Video Embeds

Layout 3 focusses on websites that are video focussed. It now has Video Embeds from any of the services listed here.  Check out how it looks with our favourite scene from Ted 2 below (screenshot)

Password Protection

Password protected posts do not really fit in the theme as intended. However it is a core feature of WordPress and therefore should be supported. Version 6.1 now has this support. Password protect your posts in the usual way via your WordPress admin dashboard

This then makes the post content password protected. Useful if you want to lock down your content (for whatever reason that may be) as shown in the screenshot below

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Often a lot of ‘bugs’ which are reported are CSS related and down to specific devices or circumstances. It’s impossible to predict these and our internal tests only go so far as to pick these up. We’ve fixed a handful of bugs in version 6.1 update as listed below

  • Fix to pages which has a 25px margin (pushing down the content)
  • Fix to mobile responsive CSS throughout to better detect device width
  • Function name fixes in mobile templates
  • Lots of header realignments on narrow screens
  • Comment section alignment fixes when no comments
  • Plus other minor fixes