Plugin Hunt Theme: v6.2 Improved header. Notifications Ready.

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Christmas is approaching. With Christmas around the corner it’s time to get the last plugin hunt theme of the year rolled out. It’s yet another cracking update.

Improved Navigation Header

The theme has always tried to utilise the header bar. However with the introduction of the Notifications Add on, this header bar was getting more and more crowded. The underlying HTML layout was also a bit of a mess (a hangover from earlier versions of the theme).

This meant a re-write of the header was needed. So that’s what I’ve done. Icons (such as the submit new post, and the notifications bell (see later). Now should stay in line better and continue to be visible when viewed on narrower screens.

The secondary menu is also responsive (although make sure you set this up in a user friendly manner and not try and stuff too many menu items in the main menu).


This makes the mobile experience that bit cleaner.

Layout-2 main content widened

This gives more room for you to be able to have longer descriptions and longer titles.

 Notifications READY!

This is a big one. A brand new add on now gives you the ability to have notifications for you and your users.

With the Notifications Add On activated it will add a notifications bell. This notifications bell is used to display the notifications to you when you’re logged in and on the site.

The notifications supported by the add on are currently:-

  • When your product is commented on
  • When your product is updated
  • When someone follows you
  • When someone you follow adds a product

Pretty good or what 🙂 but what happens when someone actually triggers a notification for you? First up the bell changes..

Then, depending on your settings, you’ll receive a browser notification and an email.



This is an extremely powerful add on for bringing your website visitors BACK to your website. They may forget to check the site, but if your site emails them that they have a notification waiting they’ll be back in a flash.

Your Activity

The notification add on also produces a ‘Your Activity’ page which shows you all your notification history. This page is created by using the shortcode . This shortcode only works when the notifications add on is active.

Notification Settings

This page is produced by the shortcode when the Notifications Plugin is activated.

The plugin also creates a brand new ‘settings’ page for your users. This page controls their notification settings.