Plugin Hunt Theme – v6.5.6


Today is an absolutely huge update to the Plugin Hunt Theme. What’s changed since version 6.5.5? This post highlights the changes and also how we’ve changed the demo site to better display the features.

Discussions. Open for All.

The discussions area of the theme is really cool. However in earlier versions it was locked down unless you were granted permission (i.e. were a contributor user level). In version 6.5.6 there’s been a new slimline topic box added for all logged in users.

If there’s a particular discussion topic you want to raise. Post it. We’ll try our best to answer it. Also contribute to the discussions 🙂

Theming and Style Improvements

There’s a lot of functionality and elements in the theme. We’ve been through and made sure that the theme color choices. We’ve also made a ton of style refinements and improved the look on mobiles.

New Add On – Feedback Me

We’ve built a brand new add on. Getting user feedback on your site is a great way to improve it. We’ve got the add on activated on our demo site. Let us know if there’s anything you need.  You can purchase the add on here.

Onboard Me Add On

We’ve also improved the UX of the Onboard Me Plugin. This now has it’s own area at the bottom of the website. Use it to guide your users around your website. A great addition to help your visitors stick around longer.

You can purchase the Add On here.

Start making your website visitors happier with the Plugin Hunt Theme and the Onboard Me add on.

Change Log – Version 6.5.6 – 3rd March 2017

>> *New* Onboard me integration improved to add a ? icon bottom right to start the Tour
>> *New* streamlined discuss box for logged in users
>> *New* Feedback Me add-on available for purchase from Epic Plugins
>> Removed admin notices which were not going away (sorry!)
>> Added a 'Guides' tab to highlight the user guides for the Theme's features
>> MailChimp Widget added. Place the subscribe box in any widget location
>> MailChimp hard-coding of subscribe box into sidebar removed
>> Index-2 layout left hand sidebar width increased to col-md-3 (from col-md-2)
>> Slider Option now supported on all layouts
>> Theme Styling Colors now applied throughout - main theme style had red left over even if changed
>> Modal Close, Login button, Add Media buttons etc now all take custom styles
>> Single Post Padding reduced for modal view (when slider set to OFF)
>> Related Products voting arrows removed from the sidebar of single posts
>> Amendments to padding to properly reflect the extra padding
>> User Profile Page Speed improved (was loading in ALL submitted content)
>> 404 page errors fixed when in debug mode
>> Discussions page errors fixed
>> Fixed bug on discussions flyout which let users up vote indefinitely
>> Discussion flyout improved in line with single product flyout
>> Improved CSS for spacing of the discussion upvote button on flyout
>> Notify comment author depreciated argument removed
>> Discussions area improved on desktop mode