Plugin Hunt Theme Version: 6.0.7 Gravity Form Support, Fly-out options, group by month plus much more


Another month flies by and with it comes another plugin hunt theme update. This update comes with some quite cool changes which will make the theme appeal to more of you.

Gravity Forms Compatible

The theme can now accept gravity forms as the submit content option. This is great if you want to add extra information to your content. It’s easy to setup as well.

  • In theme options – change it to ‘own page’ then create a Submit Page
  • On that submit page add your Gravity Form
  • Enter the URL for that page into the Theme Options (for own page URL)
  • Add the standard post fields (post image, etc) then make sure you go to the options and check the ‘set as featured image’ this will allow people to upload an image along with the video

Group by Month!!

This one has been asked quite a lot. Grouping by day is great if you have a popular website with lots of submissions. However for a lot of sites just adding enough posts to fill up a day (10+) was way too much. Now you can choose to display the listing Grouping by Month (rather than by day).


New Layout – Layout 3

Layout three moves the social share icons to the ‘low blow’ part of the post listing. This is great if you want to prompt more sharing of your articles from the post page. This does not work with the grid layout however.


Post Flyout Choice

You can now choose whether you want to have the flyout (standard) or whether you want to choose one of the following

  • Classic Flyout – this is what we are used to
  • Video Flyout – this is the new popup modal with a large video and comment area
  • None – this directs you straight to the page you want to visit

Under the fly-out options we have now added the functionality that the URL is changed in the browser (to show you the URL of the underlying post) this is good for if you want to copy the link and send to someone (or add it to pocket for example)

Video Modal Capability

Read our Guide on how to use Videos with the Plugin Hunt Theme.