Plugin Hunt Version 3.9 – API


Plugin Hunt v3.9+ comes packaged with an API key system. Building this into the theme allows us to continue to develop great new features as well as allow you to choose which licence you need for your use (personal, plus, professional or ultimate).


The API key pricing is available here.

Epic Integrations

The Professional and Ultimate edition come with the Epic Integrations Plugin. This plugin hooks up your theme to great content making adding new content quick and easy based on a number of API integrations. The list of API integrations is below:

  1. Envato API – post content from Envato’s market places including your affiliate link
  2. YouTube – post content from YouTube based on your search parameters
  3. Amazon – coming soon
  4. Etsy – coming soon

Existing users of the theme without an API key will need to purchase a new licence key to continue to receive updates and support for the theme. This will not stop your existing copy of the theme from working it will just mean for future updates you’ll need to have a valid licence key.

Having renewable licence keys have been integrated for the following reasons:

  • Helps us to continue to pay for new development features (renewable API keys help with additional funds for development)
    • (otherwise development would have to cease and no new features could be added)
  • Helps with support for new updates and new features
  • Helps combat piracy (updates only delivered to those with a valid API key)
  • Gives you the option to choose which licence type you want (flexibility)