Tricks to engage more with your audience


By now I hope you have your website set up and have got some good traffic coming in from the methods I touched on in the last post.

In case you’ve forgotten, you can read the tips on how to increase your traffic. Done? OK. Carry on đŸ™‚

Today I want to touch on some of the tricks I’ve used to keep engaged with the audience.This is shorter than the usual post as I don’t want to keep you away from building your traffic and adding new content but here’s some of the ‘secrets’ that I’ve used to keep users engaged (once they’re signed up to your site)

Email Campaigns

I touched on this in the last post, but I thought a bit more time here is useful. RSS feeds are great to use to keep your website visitors coming back. Setting them up with the MailChimp sign up form is even easier. If you’re not doing this, do it now.

If you use another email provider (like ConvertKit or AWeber) let me know and I’ll move these up the priority list.

Email Broadcasts

Once you’re up and running with a list, get sending broadcasts now and again. Remind your visitors why they’re on the list and why they should go back to your site to check out the latest content.

Offer Competitions

You can use the popular this extension to run ‘Best Submission of the month’… or the week.. and run a prize giveaway for the submission in that month which has performed the best. This will help keep users coming back to make sure their content is on top.

Keep engaged

Keep engaged with new submissions, as admin, if a user posts content, make sure you jump in and get involved in the discussions. Ask them about the submission, start up a dialogue this is all good ways to keep users coming back to invest time in commenting / promoting their product

Got a team? Have a few people comment and jump into discussions to keep the conversations fresh.

There’s no magic wand, for engagement you need to be engaged yourself. Keep adding content and promoting ways for users to generate your content for you and you’ll be well on the way to having a busy website with engaged users.