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Here you can view the change log for the Plugin Hunt Theme, all the way back to version 1.0.

Version 7.1 – 10th November 2017

>> Added Responsive Menu
>> Added default WYSIWYG Align Classes to CSS
>> Fixed the mobile version of profile Page and Menu
>> Fixed the alignment on the collection pages and categories
>> Included Placeholder Featured image on the posts (You can change it under Theme Options -> General)

Version 7.0 – 23rd August 2017

>> New Admin area re-jigged
>> New Theme Customiser removed
>> New Theme options now under 'Plugin Hunt Menu'
>> Fixed Welcome Banner now only shows up on home page
>> Fixed Single Collection CSS layout improved
>> Collections single posts page in layout 3 improved
>> WooCommerce template versions increased

Version 6.6.2 – 15th July 2017

>> *New* Welcome Banner Added to Theme Options 
>> Fixed CSS for Search Results Page (Layout 3 and 4)
>> Fixed CSS for Tag Pages (Layout 3 and 4)
>> Updated the Search Results to say "Results for" not "Products for"
>> Updated to use the_excerpt() rather than a trimmed the_content (to allow users to control exactly what is shown)
>> Updated to use the_post_thumbnail('thumbnail'); rather than the_post_thumbnail('medium'); in the related products section

Version 6.6.1 – 31st May 2017

>> *New* Podcasts and Music MP3s can now be played *'podcast_link' custom field) read the guide here
>> Author page on Layout 3 and 4 styles fixed
>> Get It button was not appearing on layout 3
>> Further CSS refinements to the voting arrows

Version 6.5.8 – 24th March 2017

>> Minor CSS fixes for vote arrows
>> Popular This Add On Styling Refined

Version 6.5.7 – 4th March 2017

>> Category layouts extended to fit all layouts
>> Featured Collections now show all featured collections
>> Layout styling refinements

Version 6.5.6 – 3rd March 2017

>> *New* Onboard me integration improved to add a ? icon bottom right to start the Tour
>> *New* streamlined discuss box for logged in users
>> *New* Feedback Me add-on available for purchase from Epic Plugins
>> Removed admin notices which were not going away (sorry!)
>> Added a 'Guides' tab to highlight the user guides for the Theme's features
>> MailChimp Widget added. Place the subscribe box in any widget location
>> MailChimp hard-coding of subscribe box into sidebar removed
>> Index-2 layout left hand sidebar width increased to col-md-3 (from col-md-2)
>> Slider Option now supported on all layouts
>> Theme Styling Colors now applied throughout - main theme style had red left over even if changed
>> Modal Close, Login button, Add Media buttons etc now all take custom styles
>> Single Post Padding reduced for modal view (when slider set to OFF)
>> Related Products voting arrows removed from the sidebar of single posts
>> Amendments to padding to properly reflect the extra padding
>> User Profile Page Speed improved (was loading in ALL submitted content)
>> 404 page errors fixed when in debug mode
>> Discussions page errors fixed
>> Fixed bug on discussions flyout which let users up vote indefinitely
>> Discussion flyout improved in line with single product flyout
>> Improved CSS for spacing of the discussion upvote button on flyout
>> Notify comment author depreciated argument removed
>> Discussions area improved on desktop mode

Version 6.5.5 – 13th February 2017

>> Layout 3 improved with video capability
>> Fallback featured image custom field (ph_fallback)
>> External featured image custom field (phfeaturedimage)
>> Field for oEmbed option updated (plugin_hunt_oembed)

Version 6.5.4 – 9th February 2017

>> CSS fixes for margin top when slider showing.
>> Re-ordering of theme options to make it easier to navigate
>> Update of layout option images in theme options
>> Index-3 now falls back to video URL if featured image isn't set
>> Various CSS refinements and fixes

Version 6.5.3 – 29th January 2017

>> Final version for the 'Onboard Me' add on.

Version 6.5.2 – 28th January 2017

>> Initial preparations for the 'Onboard Me' add on.

Version 6.5.1 – 24th January 2017

>> Bug which was hiding the menu is now fixed.
>> CSS margin top improved for new menu.
>> Dropdown menu when ... clicked is now aligned.

Version 6.5 – 12th January 2017

>> Layout 4 added - three column layout for homepage
>> Post Flyout 'None' for all post types added.
>> Secondary menu area (double header) hidden if no menu set
>> Fix to margin-top CSS when mailchimp sign up active

Version 6.3 – 29th December 2016 

>> Tag archives fixed to only show posts of that tag
>> Post Flyout 'None' changed to only flyout if on a WooCommerce page

Version 6.2 – 24th December 2016 

>> Main Menu header style improvements 
>> Header Menu rewrite to allow for the Notifications Add On
>> CSS improvements throughout to align elements on page types
>> Layout 2 - widened to support more focus on the content
>> do_action() hooks throughout to facilitate add on development
>> Read more about the update on the blog here

Version 6.1.1 – 19th December 2016 

>> Fix - Slider on layout 2 now shows!
>> Style - minor style tweaks for layout 2.

Version 6.1 – 14th December 2016 

>> Added - Mobile Templates (OFF by default)
>> Added - Mobile Media viewing
>> Added - Password Protection for posts 
>> Added - oEmbed support (for layout 3)
>> Added - Videos embedded in post list (layout 3)
>> Added - Facebook oEmbed code (for layout 3)
>> Improved - responsive CSS 
>> Removed - profile popups which detracted from the UX 
>> Read more about the update here

Version 6.0.7 – 13th November 2016 

>> Added - New option to group post by day or month
>> Added - New Option to bypass to post flyout and go direct to the post
>> Added - URL updates when product clicked 
>> Added - New Homepage layout (layout 3) which put sharing buttons on each post
>> Added - Flyout option - Classic Flyout, Video Flyout, No Flyout
>> Added - Submit Content Option (Classic, Video)
>> Added - Support for Gravity Forms
>> Read more about the update here

Version 6.0.6 – 31st October 2016 

>> Update to WooCommerce templates to show reviews
>> Update adding 'Save to Collection' for WooCommerce products
>> Add to Cart instead of 'Get it' for WooCommerce products
>> Support for the 'Make An Offer' WooCommerce extension *Experimental*
>> Various minor CSS bug fixes and tweaks throughout

Version 6.0.5 – 14th September 2016 

>> Fix to API activation to include the latest version number (6.0.5).

Version 6.0.3 – 25th August 2016 

>> Single page stylesheets updated to correct 'Save to collection' button layout
>> Style.css version number fixed to be 6.0.3 (was 6.0.1 in v6.0.2 causing the theme to say it needed to be updated)
>> Fixed the media navigation arrows to hide when there's no media added
>> Fixed the CSS for the comment area to align each of the sections
>> Feeds folder removed (only needed on to drive the demo content creation)

Version 6.0.2 – 12th August 2016 

>> API manager code updated

Version 6.0.1 – 9th August 2016 

>> Missing mobile template page included (collections-mobile.php)
>> Collections Mobile page styles tweaked
>> Fix issue where comments are not displayed for users who are logged out

Version 6.0 – 9th August 2016 

>> 404 template added (see here)
>> Welcome Wizard created to guide install process (read about it here)
>> Whole new Mobile Build for version 6.0+ (read the guides here)
>> New Page style option added (simplistic in line with product listing)
>> Category layout 2 matches index (prior version was narrower)
>> Right widget area now available (layout 2)
>> Right widget search box styled (layout 2)
>> Right Sidebar tested with: tag cloud, search, meta, calendar, recent comments, recent posts, pages
>> Submit content improved to show Hunt it, Discuss it, Sell it (depending on options)
>> Submit content Hunt it or Discuss it (depending on options)
>> Submit content Hunt it or Sell it (depending on options)
>> Fixed width of content type choice tabs when not all types are chosen
>> Marketplace theme options tab introduced (needs WooCommerce and we recommend Social Vendor for a multi-vendor store)
>> Footer layout options added to theme options (for pages) - more layout options to come
>> Restricted layout with to max-width: 1500px to prevent layout looking to stretched on wide screens
>> Single post layout commenting padding improved
>> Category pages now have infinite scroll
>> Featured Collections right sidebar moved to a Widget
>> Post flyout when on single collections layout had a 50px whitespace at the top - now removed
>> Collections page (posts in collection) posts title when clicked opened flyout then redirected to permalink - redirection prevented 
>> Collections page (posts in collection) now supports layout 2
>> Collections page (posts in collection) featured image now shown in layout 1
>> Discussion archive left sidebar margin-top reduced
>> Discussion category templates now follow the same layout as /discuss/
>> WooCommerce templates updated to reflect the latest version of WooCommerce
>> Details of product styled (smaller font and #999 color to be easier on the eyes)
>> Discussion template improved for mobile layout
>> Replacement of functions which have been depreciated since v4.5
>> Tested with WordPress 4.6+
>> Tidied the Theme Documentation and grouped into useful headings

Version 5.0.7 – 9th July 2016

>> Fix to Email Share to open mailclient - now fixed on fly out
>> Comment form moved to above the discussions - restricted to comment caps
>> Comment form textarea now grows when comment gets longer than 1 line - now fixed on fly out
>> Collections page double title bug fixed
>> Capability driven new post functionality, contributor (pending), author (publish)

Version 5.0.6 – 7th June 2016

>> Fix to Email Share to open mailclient
>> Comment form moved to above the discussions
>> Comment form textarea line spacing narrowed
>> Comment form textarea now grows when comment gets longer than 1 line
>> Collections page external link in title field removed
>> Upvotes are now linked to their profile page
>> Category listing page removed min-width forcing it too wide on mobiles
>> og:image added to share the featured image of the products
>> Additional padding removed when slider is turned off
>> Mobile dropdown main menu moved to left hand position
>> 'Hunting...' on submit of new post added to option tree
>> Popular this extension refined for layout-1
>> Popular this extension infinite voting bug removed

Version 5.0 – 6th May 2016

>> Major improvements to the mobile layout
>> Mobile navigation bar now vertical
>> Theme colors hooked up to admin options after introduction of SCSS
>> CSS tweaks throughout to firm up styling
>> Additional responsive CSS added
>> Languages folder added back into the theme (after somehow losing it)
>> DEMO content XML added to the download files for all license types
>> Add ons page added to admin menu.
>> Popular posts add on plugin developed and released

Version 4.3.2 – 15th April 2016

>> Layout 2 now has mailchimp subscribe box
>> Fixed bug with ultimate member for user uploads
>> Fixed mobile text overspill when description showing
>> Widened out the collections box and category layers
>> Fixed responsiveness of menu and added navbar-inverse class
>> fixed footer-1 height so horizontal bar fits
>> Added styles to ultimate member specific scss sheet
>> Fixed bug causing new posts to post into discussions
>> Added disabling of hunt it button to stop accidental double posts
>> Mobile CSS refinements in both grid mode and classic mode
>> Plus minor tweaks and improvements

Version 4.3 – 12th April 2016

>> Major Update: Now with WooCommerce support (read more)
>> Major Update: Re-designed discussions list view
>> Re-designed pages
>> Improved Footer for pages
>> Additional options for Footer
>> Fix to media viewer to vertically center images
>> Fix to slider background layer

Version 4.2 – 1st April 2016

>> New Feature - top slider built in to showcase posts
>> Improvement - Stylesheets now coded in SCSS for easier management and modification
>> New SCSS designs reduce the number of http requests on page load
>> Page load times improved
>> Fix to featured images not showing when posted from the front end
>> Fix to styles to improve the layouts
>> Single page styles amended with font increased
>> Google analytics code moved to the header
>> Google analytics code made clear not to include script tags
>> Fix to issues with menus not being clickable

Version 4.1.6 – 18th March 2016

>> Fix to profile icon not being clickable
>> Fix to layout 1 search results fatal error
>> Improvement to layout 2 search results grid layout (was only showing 2 grids)
>> Improvement to layout 2 grid view when on mobiles
>> Improvement to padding on pages

Version 4.1.5 – 16th March 2016

>> Fix to mobile nav menu not being clickable
>> Fix to mobile logo being off center
>> Fix to login button not being clickable
>> Fix to text overspilling content area on mobiles

Version 4.1.4 – 10th March 2016

>> Grid mode now compatible with layout 2
>> Additional option added for featured collections
>> Search styles fixed for layout 2
>> Profile page styles fixed for layout 2
>> Sidebar for featured collections made wider
>> View Now button added to featured collections area
>> Mobile menu maintained on landscape view

Version 4.1.3 – 7th March 2016

>> Fix to styles which were cutting off

Version 4.1.2 – 5th March 2016

>> Login moved to side bar and away from cluttering single view

Version 4.1.1 – 3rd March 2016

>> Refinement of image slider and lightbox
>> Handling of additional images added to the slider

Version 4.1.0 – 2nd March 2016

>> Addition of image slider and lightbox
>> Double scroll bar issue removed
>> Lots of minor style fixes and tweaks

Version 4.0.9 – 26th February 2016

>> New: Image Slider Support (via shortcode) 
>> New: Mailchimp API setup (avoids page redirect)
>> Discussions header given a new options 
>> 'GET IT' button translatable 
>> Discussions colors now feed through after select
>> Fix so that 'TODAY' doesn't change to 'YESTERDAY' too early
>> Option to have logo either centered or left of your menus

Version 4.0.5 – 4.0.8

>> Fix to upload image process 
>> Amendments to CSS issues in the new 'boxed' layout

Version 4.0.4 – 9th February 2016

>> Fix to discussions post form 
>> New theme layout option added "boxed"

Version 4.0.3 – 2nd February 2016

>> Addition of discussions
>> Various bug fixes

Version 4.0.2 – 30th January 2016

>> Tweaks to various theme files
>> Translation strings fixed in various theme files (credit to Muge for detailed feedback)

Version 4.0.1 – 16th January 2016

>> Some additional options from v4.0 that were not applying are now fixed.

Version 4.0 – 15th January 2016

>> New Theme Options Panel with 20+ new options
>> Single Post expanded with full content for SEO benefits
>> Spinning wheel of death fixed
>> Save to collections button on post flyout bug fixed
>> Title now opens flyout and not directs to single post
>> Get  It Now bug fixed where additional HTML was shown
>> Epic Integrations Core expanded to support YouTube.

Version 3.9 – 1st December 2015

>> License API system introduced with variable licence options
>> Epic Integrations Core written for the Pro and Ultimate edition

Version 3.8 – 10th November 2015

>> Updated documentation to cover the latest new features
>> Welcome page added to help direct customers to the documentation

Version 3.7 – 9th November 2015

>> *New* Header menu adjusted to be a central layout
>> *New* Waiting list added for admin to be able to approve requests for contributors
>> *New* User collections view added to profile pages
>> *New* Grid Layout built into the theme with a toggle button for front end.
>> Fix to the collections modal to remove if the user clicks outside 
>> Facebook connect added back to the theme
>> Theme My Login added back to the theme

Version 3.6.4 – 13th October 2015

>> Fix for the avatar to show when users have signed up without twitter
>> Fix to style issues

Version 3.6.3 – 12th October 2015

>> Fix to the new post failing
>> Modification to the Twitter Nextend Connect to no longer need email confirm (read how) 
>> *SETUP* an unrestricted demo site

Version 3.6.2 – 30th September 2015

>> Fix to layout bugs

Version 3.6.1 – 29th September 2015

>> Fix to the collections loading bug 

Version 3.6 – 28th September 2015

>> *New* user collections 
>> *New* collections post type
>> *New* collections archive page
>> *New* single collections page
>> *New* ability to front end edit your collections page
>> *New* add background images for your collections from front end
>> *New* cleaner upvote area fixing bug where ghost upvoters appeared
>> *New* background image for post content
>> *New* collections modal
>> *New* Add media modal 
>> *New* flash post submit form redesign.
>> *New* ajax comments for single post design
>> *New* request invite to post content
>> *New* WordPress levels to restrict content
>> *New* single post design improved 
>> *New* single post share buttons added
>> *New* single post add media (for post authors only)
>> *New* featured image support.
>> *New* post meta icons (collect button, external link)
>> *New* front end upload of media 
>> *New* add YouTube link or external image URL link for media
>> *New* search form and search listing
>> Improvement to voting flow
>> Improvement to author profile pages
>> Fix to minor issues and bugs reported from v3.3 to v3.5

Version 3.5 – 6th June 2015

>> *New* WordPress login pages styled.

Version 3.4 – 31st May 2015

>> Minor fixes to layout

Version 3.3 – 18th May 2015

>> *New* Plugin Hunt now has Blogging capability 
>> Fix to FireFox bug for "View Profile" link
>> Fix to fake pages to properly load in post content 
>> Removal of some debug console.log lines

Version 3.2 – 10th May 2015

>> *New* Profile page view
>> *New* Follow / Following functionality
>> *New* "Get this" button to promote click throughs to other sites
>> *New* Plugin Hunt Grid Layout child theme
>> *New* URL inspection option (included in the child theme)
>> Published post highlighting on the child theme
>> Minor bug fixes and improvements
>> Improvements to UI and install process

Version 3.1 – 27th April 2015

>> Fix to get_avatar_url for WordPress 4.2 ready (in header.php)

Version 3.0 – 24th April 2015

>> Fix to get_avatar_url for WordPress 4.2 ready (in functions.php)

Version 2.9 – 20th April 2015

>> Fix to voting arrows for logged in users

Version 2.8 – 10th April 2015

>> Fix to users always being logged in
>> Fix to side panel voting arrow to allow voting

Version 2.7 – 30th March 2015

>> Fix to comment form not loading in

Version 2.6 – 28th March 2015

>> Fix to multiple drop instances being called

Version 2.5 – 24th March 2015

>> Fix to multiple drop instances being called

Version 2.4 – 24th March 2015

>> *New* Basic child theme added
>> *New* Support for child theme adde
>> *New* Mobile menu capability for secondary menu
>> *New* Close modal can be closed using the Esc key
>> Fix to the close post modal overlay
>> Fix to allow "Hunt it" to be modified
>> Fix to include mobile-style.css in the header for mobile visitors
>> Fix to mobile layout for the category pages
>> Fix to mobile layout to display post titles better
>> Fix to "From" name set to the BlogName

Version 2.3 – 1st March 2015

>> *New* Deep linking of content in the flash view
>> *New* Share via Facebook, Twitter, Email
>> *New* Profile pop outs allowing you to see who has created and voted more easily 
>> *New* Flag This lets your visitors flag content that isn't appropriate
>> *New* Flash view styling updates to make the content stand out more
>> *New* More options added to the Theme Customiser. Gain finer control over your website >> Fix to custom queries displaying half a days post
>> Fix to groupings of posts to display by ID and not by postdate (to prevent hidden posts)
>> Fix and code refinements to ensure better performance
>> Update to theme options pages and settings pages

Version 2.2 – 7th February 2015

>> *New* "Show More" post link for days with more than 10 posts
>> Fix to first page only showing 10 posts if more than 10 posts exists on that day

Version 2.1 – 3rd February 2015

>> *New* Facebook Login option added
>> *New* Styling of Login form for non-social sign ups

Version 2.0 – 3rd February 2015

>> *New* separate stylesheet added for mobiles "mobile-style.css"
>> *New* system tab on Theme "Settings" to help debug if any issues
>> *New* detailed documentation written for Theme use
>> *New* post throttling. Limit the speed at which posts can be added to 30 second gaps
>> Fix to infinite scroll continuing to load in more content when content has ended
>> Fix to stylesheet for iPhone 5 devices

Version 1.9 – 2nd February 2015

>> *New* display featured images in the posts lists
>> *New* option to edit the mailchimp form intro text
>> *New* further development of the admin side of the theme
>> Fix to homepage query which resulted in posts from early in a month not being displayed
>> Fix to user avatars being displayed small for Twitter members

Version 1.8 – 30th January 2015

>> Fix to new infinite scroll to ensure content loaded in on mobiles

Version 1.7 – 29th January 2015

>> *New* Complete re-write of the "infinite scroll" functionality
>> *New* Faster performance due to more effective infinite scrolling
>> *New* Custom queries to load the first 10 posts and then daily loading of more
>> *New* Addition of "Admin Tools" to help fix any issues with the theme if upgrading
>> Removal of the dependency on the "infinite-scroll" plugin

Version 1.6

>> *New* Mobile viewport fixed to enable better mobile readability
>> *New* Mobile style tweaks to enable a great mobile experience
>> *New* Menu scrolling hide effect to maximise viewing experience
>> Update javascript to enable quick page load. Then auto load more posts paginated by day

Version 1.5

>> *New* Posts ordered by most votes within each day
>> *New* Posts loaded in day by day (daily pagination)
>> *New* Theme is widget ready
>> *New* Right Sidebar page template added (see here)
>> Update to styles to make user avatars smaller
>> Update to excerpt length to make homepage cleaner
>> Update to secondary menu styling
>> Fix to repeat of the day if more posts are loaded in

Version 1.4

>> Fix to Flash View close button positioning
>> Fix to Twitter Login URL 404 not found issue
>> Fix to Flash View success message being out of font
>> Fix to Flash View post form still being visible after submission
>> Fix to Flash View form not clearing after post submission
>> Fix to CSS styles and padding to allow room for second menu
>> Fix to Flash View form allowing empty posts

Version 1.3

>> *New* Close button for Flash view
>> *New* Secondary Menu option
>> *New* Update Core for future updates via WP dashboard
>> *New* Color choices in the Theme menu 
>> Fix to voting buttons colors for when a user hasn't voted
>> Fix to default button style to not be white
>> Fix to "Featured Post" checkbox not unchecking
>> Update to the Mobile Stylesheet

Version 1.2

>> *New* "Collections" watch the video here
>> *New* a "Collections" page template (see here) "collections.php"
>> *New* a modified Nextend Twitter Connect (for Theme my login compatibility)
>> *New*  a "Category featured images plugin"
>> *New* customised category listings templates
>> *New* Social Share for collections pages
>> *New* "Popularity" of collections
>> *New* a rotating "sticky posts" feature into the theme
>> *New* customisable email sign up forms (Mailchimp)
>> Refinement of the user navigation panel (top right of the header menu)

Version 1.1

>> Author pages improved to show metrics of the user (posts submitted, posts upvoted)
>> Upvotes to link through to improved author pages

Version 1.0 – 6th December 2014

>> Theme designed and styled similar to the Product Hunt website
>> Inclusion of popular plugins to enable you to have infinite scrolling and themed profile pages
>> Inclusion of WPeddit UP voting arrows
>> Show when a post was added RELATIVE to the current date (e.g. TODAY, YESTERDAY, FRIDAY) etc.
>> Twitter Bootstrap scaffolding and components
>> Flash view of a posts details without leaving the front page of your website
>> AJAX loading in of user comments into the Flash view of the posts content
>> Initial release. Read the about the features here
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