Here you can find our FAQs about the plugin hunt theme. If you have a question that isn’t answered below Send Us An Email

Why can’t I submit content on

Our theme is a live theme hunting down real WordPress plugins from CodeCanyon. The nature of a theme demo is visitors will test a theme by submitting test content such as “test” or “abc” and this clogs up our admin area. However, we understand that, as a potential customer you want to see how the submit content flyout works. You can check out the video on youtube below

What are invites?

Using the power of WordPress user levels you can control exactly who you want to be able to post new content to your website. The WordPress user roles are below

  1. Subscriber – this is the general role you’d give people on your blog, they can read your new content but that’s it. No spam comments from bot signs up.. phew
  2. Contributor – this is the next level up, when granting a subscriber a new ‘contributor’ role you open up the ability for them to comment on content. They can also submit new products to your website but they cannot upload new media to the post
  3. Author – the next level up again, authors can do everything, comment, add new content and add new media to products.

Which Licence do I need?

The Plugin Hunt Theme Pricing comes with options to allow you to get the most out of the product, we offer 4 levels of license detailed below

  1. Personal – this is the license type most people will use. It lets your activate the theme on a single website and gives you access to support and updates for a year. If you love the theme and love any new features which we release after the inclusive year we ask that you renew your license (read more about renewals below)
  2. Plus – Want to use the theme on a few websites, perhaps with a niche setup each time? Then plus is for you.
  3. Professional – unlimited website use, renewable after a year for continued updates and support.
  4. Ultimate – unlimited websites, one price, no renewal needed

We reserve the right to monitor the websites that the theme is installed on, in the rare occasion where we notice an API key has been used on domains which are excessive (indicative of a shared file / shared API) then the key may be revoked.

Where can I buy the theme?

The Plugin Hunt Theme is for sale exclusively on You can purchase the theme directly from this page.

Can I use images that are stored on s3 or another server?

We have a plugin for that (link to featured image) this lets you add links that are used as featured images. Otherwise the images are stored in the WordPress Media library

How are images added to the post? Does it use

The images are either pasted in via links (image or youtube URL) or users (with the correct level of clearance – i.e. authors and above) can upload using the WordPress media library.  While is cool, we don’t use it since it comes with a cost. If you’re really interested in having this though – get in touch and we can work with you on a (discounted) freelance basis to build this into the product.

Can I have a weekly / daily digest email?

Yes. We do this via mailchimp and their RSS campaign using the generic WordPress feed url (here for plugin hunt) and then setup an RSS campaign via mailchimp.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.00.01

While the RSS feed method delivers only the latest content (not ordered by the most votes) we find that it still serves the purpose of reminding people about your site and having them come back to see / comment on new content.

We may (depending on demand) build in a mandrill option down the line…  but it’s low on the priority at the moment

Do you support aWeber / ConvertKit 

Currently we just support mailchimp and are building out our API for the mailchimp to make sign ups smoother. If you use a different email system get in touch.

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