Wow. The Plugin Hunt theme is an amazing theme. Thank you so much for creating it. 🙂 Highly recommended theme.

– Theme Hunt

Bought Plugin Hunt theme from Epic Plugins. They have done a great job of putting together all the features.

– Mko

I’m familiar with WordPress and having the WordPress back-end with a cool slick front end is amazing.

– Abro

Amazing theme. I’m finding new niche’s to use this on all the time. It’s great for hunting books in particular. Amazing.

– David

The process of setting this up was very easy and love the level of customization. Friendly customer support tops it all off!

– Ram

I simply Love this theme. Great work from epic plugins and they update it with awesome new features all the time.

– Patrick

Woop. Da. Woop.

Our customers are pretty darnnn cool why not join them?

What a creation. Hunted posts. An amazing blog and such a sweet UI for my site members.

– mds

I love it. I really love it. Who would have thought you could do so much with WordPress.

– dek

This theme is cool. Thanks for creating it. Keep up the good work. I look forward to future updates.

– marvin

I love this theme. It is so easy to get up and running and promotes social sharing.

– akif

Awesome theme and great support. Thanks for all the help in us getting started and taking our ideas on board

– crawford

Wicked. Thanks for this. It’s a good concept and I’m very happy with the theme so far.

– beardsforu
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